Futsal Roster

Welcome to the Billings United Futsal roster Portal.

By using this pre-registration process we hope to streamline the rostering, scheduling and user experience for our Futsal Programming.

How does it work?

  1. Team manager submits their contact details, Team members and their contact details.
  2. Your roster and team name will be reviewed by the Futsal Program Director. Upon approval of your team & roster your team members will be sent an email confirming that their team is in the Futsal and a sign-up link.
  3. All players on approved teams will have to sign up before the date specified in the email.

For your attention

Roster size minimum is 5 players & maximum of 10 players.

Both age brackets have a limit of 20 teams. This team limit determines that teams accepted into the session are based on a "1st Come, 1st serve basis".

If your team applies after the 20 team limit has been met then your team will be placed on a waiting list.

If your team is accepted into the session you will be required to sign up all players 1 week before the program start date. If players do not sign up by the specified date the team will be removed from the session. In which case a waitlist team will be placed into the program.

If you are signing up as an individual player we will do our best to place you on a team. You are encouraged to reach out to teams independently if you can. We cannot ensure every individual player will be successfully allocated onto a team for the session.

**If you intend to sign up as an individual please email [email protected]**

With limited time after school and limited space at the Shrine we are limited in how many teams we can accept into our program. Coordination of 40 teams and 260+ players can be very difficult and we appreciate your patience in trying this new process of "Bring Your Own Team" program registration.

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Once you submit this form you will become a user of this "flowforms" program. You will receive an email requiring you to reset your password. Once you have generated your password you can log in and edit the submission at any time through adding players, removing players or providing contact information.

Team manager should be a parent who is involved with coordination of their team

Age bracket required
Which Session are you submitting for? required
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I will be the point of contact for my team and ensure that all players listed on my roster do sign up for the program prior to the registration deadline listed at the top of this form. I understand that I may need to make changes or provide additional information to my roster upon review by program staff. I agree to be the manager for this group of players for Futsal Session 2 2020

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