Coach Development Program Application

Soccer Experience

Please identify a sports coach who has had a positive influence on your sports experience and state why you though they were a positive influence or a good coach.

Please state you views on the importance of leadership

Please state your thoughts on the importance in giving back to your community & state 1 way in which you have helped your community positively.

Billings United Coach Development program is something that is very important. Not only does it provide leadership and future employment opportunities for you as a coach. But it provides the you an opportunity to give back and help the community in which we live.

Upon being selected for this program each individual will be required to sign up and buy into the program to the amount of $55. It is important that program participants have a commitment to the program and are invested in their own development as a coach, a leader and a well rounded human being.

Further requirements of the program are that each participant complete 30 volunteer hours for the club & gain a soccer grassroots coaching qualification. Participants will be reimbursed the expense of the course upon completion of the program.

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